Gluten Free. Vegan. No Preservatives

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  • Our Purpose

    The purpose behind our chocolates is to provide a decadent delight that is actually good for you!  To give you enjoyment the way nature intended! We source some of our planets best foods to provide a  delightful indulgent combination with all the pleasure and zero guilt!

    Many of our ingredients are handpicked by our founder, Julie, from South America from fair trade farms.  We take special care to ensure that our treats are fair trade, organic and help to preserve the rain forests.

    As a result of our love for chocolate, natural foods, and preserving our rain forests, we consciously create tantalizing creamy dark chocolate experiences that are good for you!

    For more information about the nutritional value of chocolate and coconut, two of the most widely used ingredients at Chocolate Shaman, please visit the following links:

    Chocolate reduces the risk of stroke:

    flavanol-rich chocolate- does this help your circulation?

    Coconut oil benefits

    Our Process

    We take special care to ensure that each batch of chocolate is made to perfection.  We hand craft each chocolate delight with the finest most natural ingredients we can source.  Our founder, Julie Hutchinson travels to South American often to source the best cacao and ingredients for all of our Chocolate Shaman’s delights.   All of our ingredients expect our cacao,  are raw which indicates they are gluten free, organic, and we use no preservatives.   We chose a non-raw cacao to ensure the beans are sanitized at the time of harvest and to release the natural flavors.  In addition to using these fine ingredients we also:

    • Temper our chocolate for all our treats except our Coconut Macaroons.  We raise & lower the temperature of the chocolate to change the crystalline structure so our chocolates can remain at room temperature without melting.  This also provides a nice texture to our chocolates.  The highest temperate we raise our cacao to is 115 degrees
    • We have such a love of chocolate and the pleasure and nutrients it provides, you can actually taste our love in every bite!
    • Each season we will feature new and exciting chocolates that are packed full of enzymes, rich nutrients and abundant energy!