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  • Chocolate Chai


    Chocolate Chai



    This enlivening elixir was created to stimulate and ignite the passion already within our hearts.  Perfect to share with your special loved one!

    Chocolate was first consumed as a drink, not as a bar or a truffle.  The Mayan’s of Mesoamerica discovered that by grinding and mixing the Cacao beans with water it could produce a bitter medicinal drink.  The ritual beverage, produced from the beans were reserved for the nobility, priests and high officials as it was believed to have restorative and aphrodisiac powers.


    Chocolate Shaman’s  Chocolate Chai was inspired by this notion and we have added our own special herbs to create a drink worthy of a King and Queen!

    We have infused our special Chai with the following ingredients:

    Ceremonial grade cacao*, cinnamon*, cardamom*, ginger powder*, black pepper, coconut palm sugar*.  *organic